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tyc1286太阳集团 - 官网登录

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Jiangsu tianma general equipment co. LTD.

Telephone: + 86-510-83316999

Fax: + 86-510-83305701

Email address: sales@tmjx.com


Intersection of Xinxing road and 312 National Road, Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu


  Jiangsu (formerly wuxi) tianma general equipment co., LTD is a comprehensive enterprise integrating r&d, manufacturing and trade (with import and export right). The product straddles industry and lives in many industries. The production of flat (roll) plate (back) oil mill, dry grinding (NO.3, NO.4) or filament (HL) production line; Flat (volume) straight and straight (pneumatic) 8K mirror grinding machine; Medium plate machine; SB machine; Machine and grain; Ordinary (automatic) sanding machine; Common (automatic) laminating machine volume before and after hot rolling, cold rolling plate except oxide skin and to deal with the color and other surface treatment processing machinery equipment because of its full range, quality excellent, make "tianma" became the only Chinese companies in the international industry as competitors. Products throughout the north and south of the Great Wall. Far away, they have crossed the ocean, stopping in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and other exotic places.

  The company take "the powerful and unconstrained style, and vertical and horizontal" of the world's heroic, follow the "science and technology to create the brand, innovation casting tianma" purpose, adhering to the "taking quality as life, to serve as the criterion" principle, in the enterprises in science and technology evaluation in wuxi city design center, promote the senior engineering and technical personnel and staff, "development of innovation, competition and development" spirit of enterprise, research and manufacture of the TM series products with its strong and reasonable structure, simple and quick operation, quality stable and reliable performance and characteristics, especially for six national invention patent and 18 Chinese patents of utility model of the first volume suet grinding production line, the first SB machine, the first back sand machine, the first mirror grinding head wrapped machine, and the first acid free, saving energy, zero emission, straight association-like 8 k mirror surface grinding machine, not only for the Chinese industry to fill the blank in the world, and is the science and technology of China to the "science and technology to create the brand, innovation casting tianma" into the international field of stainless steel deep processing machinery normal ACTS the role of the equipment manufacturing industry "leading", "to be published under the title, published. In addition, it is with "win honor for our motherland For national ZhengHui "load on January 30, 2015 held in Beijing great hall of the people of the launch of" towards the world elite of the republic of "large literature history.


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